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A Chance to Dance

A therapeutic movement program designed for people of all ages and abilities with Autism and/or other special needs.  Through this program participants become aware of how their bodies move, they develop movement skills that will later become useful in a variety of physical activities, including both dance and sports.  All sessions include a warm up, stretching, balancing, motor imitation, dance moves and choreography.  Visual Aids and PECS are utilized for effective communication if necessary.  

Beginner Contemporary

Ages 8-11.  Builds on the basics of contemporary dance, focus on feeling the movement and working the angles of the body.


Intermediate Contemporary

Ages 12+.  Faster pace of instruction and emphasis on students creating movement.


Tiny Ballet, Hip Hop, Tumble (all separate classes)

Ages 1-4.  In this class, children work on important skills such as listening, muscle control, body isolations, balance, and spacial awareness— though it is masked as play! This class prepares the younger dancer for later dance technique classes by incorporating vocabulary and similar movements learned in ballet, jazz, tumble and hip hop classes.


Ballet 1

Ages 5+

Ballet is a classical dance form characterized by grace and precision of movement. Dancers will learn the basic ballet names and steps. Barre work is introduced, as well as center work and across the floor elements. Dancerswill work on balance, coordination, flexibility, musicality, patience and strength. Each class will have periods of “fun” activities to keep dancers engaged, such as freeze dance, imaginative scenarios, and games.


Ballet 2

Ages 7+ (or prior approval from instructor)

Dancers will learn more complex combinations at the barre, and preparatory work for bigger movements that are later learned. Dancers will be encouraged to count the music, as well as name the ballet steps and what they mean in the French language. At this level an emphasis is placed on turning, jumping, and increased flexibility. Classes will periodically explore individual expression through free movement and character work.


Ballet 3

Ages 10+ (or prior approval from instructor)

Dancers will strengthen their ballet technique and must be prepared to work harder at this level. Barre combinations continue to increase in difficulty and duration. Dancers will add several new steps to their repertoire, and will focus on building the strength, flexibility and control needed to perform old and new ballet moves. Each class will have an emphasis on executing combinations at different musical tempos, as well as learning the art of performance.

Please note that dancers must adhere to a dress code.

  • Ballet III Dress Code:

    • Leotard, pink tights, ballet shoes. A dance skirt or shorts may be worn. Hair must be in a bun or otherwise secured to head.


Ballet 4

Ages 13+ (or prior approval from instructor)

This is the most advanced ballet level at BDC. At this level, the emphasis is on the enjoyment of dance within the respect and discipline of classical ballet training. Extended and more challenging barre exercises are given, in addition to more complex combinations during center work and across the floor. Dancers continue to work on coordination and fluidity of the whole body. Classes will focus on confidence, performance quality, and self-expression.

  • Ballet VI Dress Code:

    • Leotard, pink tights, ballet or pointe shoes. A dance skirt or shorts may be worn. Hair must be in a bun or otherwise secured to head.

Beginner Hip Hop                                                                     
Ages 5-8 or first time dancer.  Basic Hip Hop steps, emphasis on musicality as well as body awareness.

Intermediate Hip Hop
Ages 9-11. Prior Hip Hop experience necessary but not required if falls in age range, must have permission from instructor.  Faster pace of instruction.


Advanced Hip Hop

Ages 12+. Instruction will build on the fundamentals within Intermediate Hip Hop at a much faster pace, choreography will be advanced. 


Tiny Tap

Ages 2-4, Learning rhythm and counting as a first tap class, no experience necessary. 

Beginner Tap
Ages 5+.  Basic Tap technique with emphasis on learning choreography, developing a sense of rhythm and counting.


Intermediate Tap
Ages 10+.  More advanced tap technique with emphasis on progressions and learning choreography, developing a sense of rhythm and counting.


Adult Tap
Ages 18+. Prior training preferred but not necessary, instruction at a steady pace with emphasis on counting and rhythm.


Adult Hip Hop

Ages 18+.  Basic Hip Hop movement with emphasis on having a good time. 


Beginner Jazz

Ages 6-10. Class will focus on traditional Jazz found in both musical theater and contemporary jazz variations.


Intermediate Jazz

Ages 11+. Builds on Beginner Jazz fundamentals, faster pace of instruction.



Ages 4+. Beginner to Advanced Clogging, works on fundamental steps and choreography.


Beginner Tumbling

Ages 5+.  Basic Tumbling, working on strength and coordination. Follows the Acrobatic Arts programing and will progress through the class on an individual basis and with teacher permission.  



Ages 10+.  Must have completed beginner/intermediate tumbling before moving to acro, working on strength and coordination, progression to handsprings, walkovers etc.

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