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SEPTEMBER-MAY TUITION PRICES (per month, 1 class per week):

Aerial Class = $50.00

45-60 Minute Class = $40.00

Mini Team = $40.00

Team w/one style = $76.00

Team w/unlimited styles = $170.00

Team w/unlimited classes = $240.00

Team Comp Fees (per comp, subject to change slightly) = $70.00

Solo Comp Fees (per comp, subject to change slightly) = $130.00

Solo Lessons = $60.00 (per hour, team dancers only)

Spinning Drop Ins = $7.00 per class


SUMMER CAMPS (1 week camps, 9:00am -12:15pm Monday-Friday):

1 camp = $150.00



If you refer a friend and they pay for a month of classes, your next month is $5.00 off; this can only be redeemed once. 


This is a yearly fee charged in September for recital classes (September-May), $15.00.  Please note this is not charged for summer session classes (July-August). If entire year is paid in full (September-May), $340.00, the registration fee is waived. 


A late fee of $10 will be charged to monthly tuition if not paid by the 10th of the current month, $10 will be added on per week until paid in full.


For each costume, you will be asked to pay a $35.00 deposit the first week of November, no refunds will be given if the dancer withdraws from the class after November as costumes will have been ordered.  The balance is then owed by the first week in January.     


At BDC, we accept all forms of payment; cash, check and credit/debit cards.  There will be a $35.00 fee for any returned checks.



We, at BDC, follow the RSU 57 (Massabesic) school schedule for all holidays and vacations.  Monthly tuition takes into account all holidays and vacations, as the monthly fee is standard and evens out across the 9 month recital session. 

Weather cancelations will be updated on the studio facebook and also emailed to all family emails. 

Make up classes will be scheduled if a class has missed more than two classes due to inclement weather, these will be scheduled on a Saturday/Sunday afternoon or during a school vacation. 

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